At Clear Sky, we like to acknowledge all of the people who help us make great things happen! In this blog post we talk to Mark Strachan, CEO of Whitecar, about his recent fundraising efforts for Clear Sky.

What does Whitecar do?

We are a car rental company like no other! We rent out Tesla Model S and X electric vehicles to customers in the UK. All of our rental cars are white!

What is it about Clear Sky that made you inspired to support us?

I was introduced to Clear Sky through Mark Tapscott, one of the Clear Sky trustees. When I met Sophia, I resonated with her story as I too lost my Mum as a teenager. It is so important to help children who are struggling at the earliest possible age. Consequently they have a much better chance at a happy life in the future!

How did you raise funds for Clear Sky?

I know that Tesla has a huge following with many enthusiastic car owners who are always keen to get involved with projects! So we decided to produce an ‘Electric Days’ calendar for Christmas 2016 with photos sent in from Tesla owners. To do this we ran a competition and chose the best pictures to take pride of place in the calendar. Whitecar then sold the calendars through Facebook and our networks and donated all of the profits to Clear Sky – raising £500!

How did you find setting up this fundraising venture?

It was really fun actually! I already had a number of contacts and knew the audience well, so I had a pretty clear idea how we could engage car enthusiasts through a competition, and then how we could sell the calendars on. Plus, I find that people are normally very generous when it comes to charity – especially a charity like Clear Sky which helps so many children.

What would you say to other companies that might like to support Clear Sky?

I would say go for it! There’s nothing better than knowing you are helping a local charity which impacts on the lives of many children. I think that all companies have a responsibility to support charities where they can, as they are often filling gaps in provision where funding from the government is lacking. Small charities like Clear Sky must keep striving forward in this climate of austerity which can be a challenge. They do it all for the children and young people they meet on their journey, which I think is pretty inspirational.

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