At Clear Sky, we are facing a number of new beginnings!

We’ve been working really hard over the last couple of years on the strategic direction of the charity so that we can fulfil our mission, which is to reach more children and families through our therapeutic support.
With a number of exciting projects and new beginnings in the pipeline, we also have one ‘ending’ to acknowledge too. 
Clear Sky Children’s Charity Founder, Sophia Giblin, has decided that after 9 years of service to the charity it is time to step down from her role of Chief of Enthusiasm and Optimism (CEO). 
However, this is not goodbye!
Sophia is taking up a role on the board as one of Clear Sky’s Trustees so that she will still be involved at a high level in the direction the charity is taking to ensure the continued success of the organisation.

Sophia said:

“It’s been an incredible honour to see Clear Sky through its baby phase, it’s toddler phase all the way through to adolescence. I never imagined when I set up the charity at the age of 23 that I would be walking away from the CEO role with a fully-fledged, thriving charity that can now operate without me! The baby is all grown up! I am so grateful for the whole team, across the history of the organisation, to everyone who has come into our world and helped the charity grow and develop over the years to get us to this point.

I especially have the Trustee board to thank for taking Clear Sky to the next level strategically and helping me to create the space for a role of Charity Director. Anna Hodgson walked into our lives nearly a year ago and has been steering the ship in such an incredibly positive way that I’ve been able to take some perspective on what it is that I might do next in my career!

The next phase for me very much feels like an evolution of who I am, as a leader and as an individual. I have the opportunity and the space to really step into what it’s like to be Sophia on my own, rather than Sophia from Clear Sky. I’m feeling incredibly positive about the new chapter that’s opening up for myself and also for the charity in this exciting time. I look forward to being involved in the strategic direction and governance of the charity as it continues its excellent work.”

Sophia will continue to work closely with the Clear Sky executive team to help with the next phases of the charity’s growth. She will also be offering consultancy services to other charities, corporates and therapists to help them amplify their impact and put children and families at the heart of what they are trying to achieve.