Helping children who have experienced trauma or display emotional or behavioural difficulties through one to one Play & Creative Arts Therapy

Play & Creative Arts Therapy



  • One to one or group sessions with a qualified Therapist in school
  • 12-36 weekly sessions of up to one hour each for up to 5 children per day

Note, the fees that we charge schools are heavily subsidised through our fundraising efforts as a charity to provide an affordable, accessible and sustainable service for vulnerable children.


  • To give children an age appropriate way to ‘play out’ difficult feelings and build resilience so that they become happy children who love life and enjoy school
  • To give the child insight into their own behaviour by providing a safe, non-judgemental and accepting space for the child to ‘play out’ any feelings and reflect upon them
  • To build the child’s self esteem and resilience
  • To help the child to deal with their thoughts and feelings in constructive ways and at their own pace
  • To instil confidence in the child’s own ability to resolve their problems and respect boundaries
  • To improve the child’s behaviour and emotional wellbeing enhancing their prospects for a happy and healthy future

Evidence of Success


The Department for Education is now recommending Play Therapy in schools, as research shows that children can only articulate their feelings 7% of the time (Mental Health and Behaviour In Schools – March 2016). It is an age appropriate early intervention approach that’s proven to have positive outcomes for children and families


  • 92%

    success rate for children who have seen a Clear Sky therapist

  • 13%

    decrease in hyperactivity

  • 12%

    increase in prosocial behaviours

  • 21%

    decline in behavioural issues

  • 20%

    rise in emotional wellbeing

  • 19%

    reduction in peer difficulties

Case Studies

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Luca’s Story

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Erik’s Story

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