Supporting parents with play-based skills to support children’s emotional wellbeing and enhance the parent-child relationship

Playful Parents


  • A relaxed series of workshops for a group of 6 – 8 parents commissioned by schools, social care teams, children’s centres or other organisations and help strengthen their relationship with their child
  • An experienced Play & Creative Arts Therapist shares new skills, through playful activities, to empower parents and promote better mental health for both children and families
  • For parents of at least one child between 4 and 12 years
  • 8 sessions of 1.5 hours each per week, plus parent meetings at the start and end of the process
  • Costs £3030 for the entire course


  • To enhance parent’s natural abilities and allow their confidence to flourish
  • To use experiential learning and feedback to promote positive parenting
  • To empower parents by focusing on the existing strengths of their relationships whilst nurturing and improving their skills and strategies to understand and cope with all kinds of behaviours
  • To provide opportunities for parents to notice their children, to understand their children’s needs, their motivations and get to know them as individuals
  • To teach parents to see play as a vital learning tool

How it works

  • Parents are given the opportunity to share difficulties, worries and concerns; to encourage each other and share their successes in a safe and contained group setting each week
  • Parents are introduced to the concept of ‘You & Me Time’; a 30 minute play session with one of their children each week. Parents will learn basic concepts of therapeutic play and implement these practical skills in their sessions
  • Parents learn through experiential activities, role play, live demonstrations from the facilitator and video footage
  • New skills and strategies are introduced weekly, including containment, child-led play, giving choices, setting safe limits and Reflective Functioning. Facilitators share bite-sized easy to understand pieces of information with the parents to aid their understanding
  • Parents become confident in their abilities as a parent and learn to recognise the positive impact of ‘You & Me Time’ on their relationship with their child
  • During the programme, parents will be assisted in setting up their own play session to continue when they have completed the programme

Evidence of Success

The Department for Education recognises that providing parental support is crucial to children’s emotional wellbeing and academic success.

  • 28%

    improvement in parent-child relationship

  • 29%

    increase in parental control

  • 18%

    reduction in emotional difficulties

  • 17%

    decline in behavioural difficulties

  • 19%

    increase in academic success

  • 20%

    reduction in hyperactivity

  • 16%

    improvement in relationships with peers

  • 14%

    rise in other prosocial behaviours

  • 27%

    increase in parent wellbeing

  • 89%

    of parents rated the knowledge and skills of the facilitator as 'Excellent'

  • 94%

    of parents rated the effectiveness of the course as 'Excellent'

  • 100%

    of schools rated the course overall as 'Excellent'

Case Studies

Christine & Kara’s Story

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Rob & Dylan’s Story

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Lily & James’ Story

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Parent-Child Attachment Play for Parents

Parent-Child Attachment Play for Parents is a 4 week programme for parents which aims to strengthen the parent-child relationship through the use of 30 minute attachment play sessions. This innovative and empowering attachment based programme can be implemented only by an accredited family practitioner who will work one to one with a parent.


  • 4 weekly sessions with parent and practitioner of up to an hour
  • Parents learn 3 key skills to support the parent-child relationship which are based on the latest attachment research
  • Parents will learn to set up weekly 30 minute ‘You and Me Time’ sessions with their child
  • For parents of at least one child aged between 3-15+
  • Can benefit children who have received Play & Creative Arts Therapy


  • To enhance parent’s natural abilities and allow their confidence to flourish
  • To support parents to embed key skills into their daily family life
  • To strengthen the parent-child relationship through the use of play
  • To complement and further enhance the benefits of therapeutic work done with the child

How it works

  • The parent is encouraged to share any difficulties or worries alongside successes with the PCAP practitioner each week
  • The parent will learn 3 key play skills, based on the latest attachment research;
  • Child-led play
  • Containment: exploring rules and agreed boundaries
  • Head, heart and hands – attachment mechanism
  • The practitioner will share the concept of ‘You and Me Time’; 30 minute play sessions with their children each week and will support the parent in setting these up at home
  • Learning is supported, playful and experiential, with demonstrations from the facilitator

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