All of our services use The Power of Play

to transform young lives

Play & Creative Arts Therapy creates a safe environment for children who are having difficulties to explore and express themselves through the language of play. By also offering support to parents and providing professionals with specialist skills we can help parents and carers to better understand the emotional needs of the children in their care and attend to them appropriately. Ultimately this leads to improved emotional wellbeing and increased resilience putting them in good stead for a happy and healthy future.

Working together


Clear Sky use a whole school approach working with parents, teachers and other professionals; whilst keeping the child and play at the heart of everything we do.


Play for Pupils

Helping children overcome emotional and behavioural difficulties through one-to-one Play & Creative Arts Therapy in schools.


Play for Parents

Coaching parents to use child-led play to promote emotional wellbeing for their children.


Play for Professionals

Training professional practitioners to use a child-led approach to support children and families’ emotional wellbeing.

Why work with Clear Sky?

At least 3 children in every UK classroom will have a diagnosable mental health difficulty

  • Many more will be struggling with psychological difficulties which impact on their learning such as anxiety and low self-esteem

We are experts in child-led therapy

  • We have a dedicated team of qualified Play & Creative Arts Therapists
  • Our parent workshops and training are based on the latest research

We offer good value and flexibility

  • School budgets are tighter than ever, but our lean model of working means that we can offer good value services. Many schools use Pupil Premium funding to pay for support for their pupils
  • We offer a range of services that schools can select from, working in partnership to offer effective early interventions which have a long-term impact on emotional wellbeing

Our results are impressive and we transform young lives