Each year in May at Clear Sky, we engage with a month full of play! The idea for Playful May came about in 2015 when Clear Sky CEO realised that there are limited opportunities for us to be playful as adults. At Clear Sky we believe in the Power of Play as a medium through which we can reconnect with our inner child.

There are a few wonderful quotes about play – George Bernard Shaw famously said, ‘we don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing’. This quote reminds us that we can capture some of the wonderful qualities of childhood through being playful, and even stop the aging process to some degree!

When was the last time you felt truly joyous? When you looked at the world through childlike eyes rather than through your own (possibly tired!) adult eyes?

Playful May gives you the perfect opportunity to try something new this month! We live in times where our lives are dominated by emails, social media, work and stress. Being playful helps us to remember what life was like at a different time. We were all children once, and we all have an inner child who is still there waiting to be rediscovered.

Think about what you really enjoyed as a child, what games did you play? Who did you play them with? What hobbies and activities did you have? We challenge you to pick up some of those old or forgotten about past times. Play releases feel-good chemicals and gives us a lovely hit of endorphins which helps to combat stress and anxiety. Furthermore it lowers our cortisol (stress hormones) that we so often feel plagued by. Not only is play lots of FUN but it also provides brilliant health benefits.

Are you ready for Playful May?

The idea is to engage in playful activities during the month and encourage others to do the same, a chance to reignite the spark of your inner child!

Why not join us for #PlayfulMay this year? Use the hashtag and post to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with your playful pics! Why not try the tag challenge – tag 3 friends in your playful picture and they have 3 days to pass the play on by doing the same. We’d love you to join the fun!

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