Introducing The Parents Play Kit! 

Support your child’s emotional wellbeing throughout the Coronavirus pandemic or challenging times

Throughout this resource, you can expect to find tools that support with communication with little ones, to best help them process challenging feelings. You’ll then find games that can strengthen the relationship between you and your child, as well as allow you to have lots of fun! Many of the documents are also designed to be standalone resources.

This e-book will help parents

  • Learn practical techniques, tips and games to do with your child at home
  • Explore and share creative ways to support your child’s emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Connect and bond with your child

Read the Parents Play Kit here

Clear Sky would like the resource to be accessible to every child and family, so the e-resource is offered free of charge to anyone who wants to read it. However, we have suggested that families might make a donation to help fund vital services that Clear Sky deliver. Donate Now Button

The book is also available in A4 full colour (spiral-bound) to buy in print here at £11.99 inclusive of UK P&P


Did you know we also offer Play for schools?

As a Play & Creative Arts Therapy charity, we are often asked by schools for more training and resources of support. Our learning institute equips schools with the tools to enhance emotional and mental wellbeing for pupils and staff.

Benefits of joining the IPA

  • Termly delivery of tools and resources
  • Initial baseline framework and assessment tools
  • Online Space to Shine CPD workshop (worth £1200)
  • Emotionally Healthy Schools policy pack
  • Support resources for Designated Lead
  • Documents and posters for your school
  • Resources for parents
  • Lesson plans and school assembly content
  • Termly games and activities  
  • Access to additional support and tools for Governors

Request more information on the Institute for Play and Attachment – [email protected].