On 26 April, the UK’s Major Events Organisers set up a fundraising challenge to help ‘Save the UK’s Charities’

The reason for the initiative was to recoup the funds lost to Charity through the cancellation of events such as the London Marathon (which should have taken place on this date); and hence the challenge was set to complete a ‘lockdown activity’ based on the number 26 (miles in the Marathon) or the number 2.6


We challenged our supporters to create a picture for us in 26 minutes or less based upon the concept of ‘Things I Love’ and to raise funds to help Clear Sky.


The campaign is still running but what a beautiful contribution to our ‘Things I Love’ #TwoPointSixChallenge¬†we have received here from Miriam, who added:

“The day before yesterday the swifts arrived back from their long migration journey, wheeling and diving and whistling on the wind high above our house. This is a moment I love and I thought about the sun and the wind filling the ‘clear sky’ and about how young people need to feel free to spread their wings and fly”

Thank you Miriam for raising an amazing amount for Clear Sky!

You can support Miriam’s fund-raising effort here, or donate directly to the 2.6 Challenge using this link