Well done to a group of pupils at Didcot Girls School who fought off stiff competition to secure £1,000 funding for Clear Sky from First Give!

First Give is a nationwide initiative designed to support young people to develop community awareness by teaching them about philanthropy. Year 9 girls worked in teams to select a charity they would like to support, received a presentation from a member of the charity, then undertook social action projects to raise money and awareness. Each class then put together a presentation that culminated in the best groups appearing on finals night with the winners securing £1,000 funding for their chosen charity.

The DGS First Give final was a truly impressive and moving evening as the audience of family members, friends and judges watched seven inspirational and entertaining presentations from pupils on their chosen charity. The audience were treated to poems, pupil made videos and heartfelt presentations, but at the end of the night there was a clear winner!

Huge praise goes to Saffron Simpson, Alice Hosen, Anysia Sunuwar, Izzy Collett, Eleanor Harrison and Emilia Greetham who worked together to advocate Clear Sky. They created an impassioned and convincing presentation and in doing to secured the £1,000 prize from First Give.

Sophia Giblin, Chief of Enthusiasm & Optimism at Clear Sky enthused,

“Thank you SO much for raising money and awareness of Clear Sky. When I met you all at school I realised I was near your age when I lost my Mum and I was really touched you wanted to support Clear Sky through your efforts…You are all inspirational, we will always welcome you back to us at Clear Sky any time. The funds will help us to support more children who have experienced trauma.”

DGS are continuing to support Clear Sky by raising additional funds on their next non-uniform day. Thank you once again DGS!

If you are inspired by the efforts of DGS and would like to raise money for Clear Sky, please do not hesitate to contact us.