We were delighted to be awarded a £15,000 grant from the Masonic Charitable Foundation!


Children who are struggling due to trauma such as bereavement, family breakdown, bullying or domestic abuse will now receive help from Clear Sky Children’s Charity thanks to a £15,000 grant from Berkshire Freemasons via the Masonic Charitable Foundation.


Anna Hodgson, Captain of Clear Sky said “Our children are facing a mental health crisis and we know how to help. Our aim is for all children to be happy, love life and enjoy school. This grant will enable us to provide one to one play and creative arts therapy for up to 60 children over the next three years. For every £1 spent on early intervention, it saves society £15 in the future. We are grateful to Berkshire Freemasons for their support in helping us towards our £80,000 fundraising target.”


Anthony Howlett-Bolton, the leader of Berkshire Freemasons said, “I am pleased that the Masonic Charitable Foundation have recognised the important contribution Clear Sky make to the wellbeing of children in our area and that this grant will be used to make a difference in young peoples’ lives. I encourage teachers to contact the charity as there will be children in your schools who would benefit from the support they offer.”


Maurice Dixon, who leads the newly proposed Didcot Masonic Lodge and Keith Winterbone who leads Ingham Clark Lodge, visited the charity to find out more about their work and were treated to an example of play therapy by Becky Hill, Head of Therapeutic Thinking. Maurice said, “I have worked with young people and schools for many years and recognise that children face huge disadvantages if they do not receive help early on. Sophia (CEO “Chief of Enthusiasm & Optimism” and founder) has created a highly qualified team with a breadth of experience and the Didcot lodges are delighted to be able to support this local charity.”




Ingham Clark Lodge were established just over 50 years ago by a group of Didcot freemasons who wanted to create a lodge formed from Didcot residents. At the time they could not find suitable accommodation in Didcot and so have met at the Wallingford masonic Centre ever since.


Didcot Lodge is a newly proposed masonic lodge being organised by a group of Didcot freemasons and who plan to meet in the town to cater for the growth in Didcot’s population. They hope to be consecrated in early 2020 pending approval from Grand Lodge.


Both groups are working closely together in the Didcot community and are delighted to support this local charity.