Jane Beinart is a local Artist, Art Teacher and Creative Coach. Recently Jane decided she wanted to offer her time and creative skills to create a charitable artwork commission. We jumped at the chance to get her involved with Clear Sky! We are delighted with the series of murals created which now have pride of place for everyone to appreciate. See below in her own words, why she chose to work with us and continues to raise funds for us:

Artwork commission

“Earlier this year I decided to offer my time and creativity to create a piece of art for a charity. I wanted to bring some colour and energy to the charity team and the people they support. Also to be able to gain more experience of working on a large scale.  A couple of charities approached me, but Clear Sky really stood out as the one I wanted to work with. I am very passionate about finding ways to help people to express and understand themselves through art. It was great to meet a charity with staff equally passionate about this too!

My brief was to create some work which would brighten up the corridors of the charity’s offices. It had to be colourful and include their charity mascot ‘Sunny’ who makes up part of their logo.


A lot of my work is made in response to how I am feeling. This makes my pieces very energetic and expressive! So in order to make these pieces I tapped into how it might feel as a child experiencing play therapy, and drew on my own experiences of having art therapy.  The first piece represents the slightly turbulent feelings associated with starting therapy – trying to capture the uncertainty felt about what was about to happen, and the difficult emotions that have as yet been hard to articulate.  The second piece captures the feeling of having play therapy – the colours represent the energy from the play, and also the warmth of being in a safe space; feeling held by the therapist.  And finally, the third piece is about leaving therapy – feeling calmer, lighter, freer – like a warm summers day with a lovely clear sky!

It was great having this opportunity, and feeling like I could contribute to the charity in my own unique and creative way!  And I love the fact that my artwork commission now hangs in the Clear Sky offices providing a burst of colour to the staff and visitors.”

Cake sale

“Inspired by the work that Clear Sky do, and wanting to find another way to support them, I ran a charity cake sale for them at my recent Oxfordshire Art Weeks exhibition.  A great way to get creative and make some cakes I’d been wanting to make for ages, keep my guests happy and raise money at the same time – a winning combination!  It went really well, everyone was really generous, and it was lovely to be able to hand over the takings afterwards knowing the money was going to a good cause.  Setting up a cake sale is such a simple idea, and really easily done – seeing as most people love cake!  Why not have one at work, or your next event?”

Jane Beinart – Artist / Art Teacher / Creative coach

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Clear Sky would like to thank Jane for her artistic contribution and supporting us further with her cake sale. Jane has captured artistically what we are all about!

If you would like to raise money for us please do not hesitate to contact us.

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