At the time of referral, Sam’ was 5 years old and his parents were in the middle of a separation. He was clearly struggling and both parents had remarked that Sam had ‘lost his sparkle’: they were very keen to support him through this unsettling period.

Sam came across as a bright and engaged child, although he found it hard to express emotions and had a tendency to withdraw and focus on play. Initially tense, guarded and choosing to only play with familiar toys, with the support of his Therapist Sam was able to become more expressive and relaxed. Over time he became more adventurous in exploring new types of play such as sand tray, messy play and role playing where he played out scenarios of ‘keeping safe’.

Teachers noted significant improvements in kind and helpful behaviour and learning as a result of therapeutic support.

Several years later we were delighted to hear from Sam and his mum, who told us that Sam has gone on to positively shine in the years following therapy. Now a keen and confident cub scout, Sam wants to help other children who are enduring difficult life circumstances. He and his mum Emma, are undertaking their own personal challenges to raise money for Clear Sky; Sam (now 10 years old) is walking up Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales.  Emma, who has always suffered from a fear of heights, is doing the fastest zip wire in the world across Penrhyn Quarry!

“Clear Sky transformed our lives. We want to give something back to Clear Sky to say thanks for all the charity did for us, and to help other children who are enduring difficult life circumstances.” – Sam & Emma

Please get behind them and support them to achieve their aim to raise as much money as possible for Clear Sky by sponsoring them at

Thank you so much to Sam and Emma, we couldn’t be more proud. It’s always wonderful to hear about the positive impact Clear Sky has in transforming children’s lives.

  • Please note that Clear Sky has shared Sam’s story with the express permission of Sam and his parents for the purpose of raising money for Clear Sky. Ordinarily our case studies are anonymous with any identifying information removed to protect the child’s right to privacy.