Rob was referred to Playful Parents as he was struggling with his son Dylan. Rob believed Dylan to have some ‘additional needs’ and had paid privately for an assessment to get a diagnoses of some kind to help them with his behaviour.

Dylan had a packed schedule after school and at weekends – bike rides, karate, swimming, clubs and groups etc. Rob felt that he was doing the best he could for Dylan, yet he still found that he struggled with Dylan’s behaviour and he couldn’t easily understand his son.

Rob loved the Playful Parents course so much that he did it twice over! He initially found it very hard to connect with his son in the play times, and Dylan picked up on this. The relationship was tense at the start of the course, but over time as Rob gained in confidence in setting boundaries and allowing his son to lead the play and Dylan began to blossom. Given the child-led nature of the special play times, Dylan learned that he could choose what to play with and how. He felt that he was interesting enough for his Dad to spend time with, and this helped his self-esteem grow. Rob started to realise that within his tightly packed schedule, his son had absolutely no control over his own life and he was feeling disempowered.

Rob said that “he gained so much more than he could have hoped for” on the course and thanked us for ‘helping him break the circle’ of parenting that he had received as a child. Rob felt that he finally understood Dylan and was accepting of him the way that he is, that he didn’t need a label or a diagnoses, but he needed acceptance and understanding from his Dad to help him feel more secure.

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“Thank you for helping me break the circle [of parenting]!” – Dad