Luca was a 7 year old boy who was referred to Clear Sky as school advised that he didn’t seem happy, he rarely smiled and he always kept his head down in class. He had witnessed many years of domestic violence at home.

Luca came to Play & Creative Arts Therapy a reserved, contained little boy who struggled with self-expression. You could see from his body language and lack of eye contact that he did not trust the Therapist when they first met – after all, other adults in his life had been unpredictable and had let him down.

During their time together, the Therapist began to see a subtle change in Luca. Where he clearly felt uncomfortable being in close proximity with his Therapist at the beginning of their time together, there was a shift towards a desire to interact with his Therapist and play games. The Therapist saw his confidence grow as he tried new things in the playroom – things that maybe he wouldn’t have tried outside that safe space. He got involved in some very deep subconscious play in the sand, and his play went from chaotic to much more structured and organised as he worked through his therapeutic process. Luca took a long time to trust his Therapist, but through gentle reassurance, unwavering acceptance and non-judgement, the Therapist was able to create a space for him that felt safe where the rest of the world did not.

By the end of their time together, Luca was more confident in class and he was able to make and sustain friendships. He was even being a bit cheekier! Play & Creative Arts Therapy helped him feel that he could be a child again.

Play & Creative Arts Therapy was exactly what Luca needed to make the first steps into exploring his feelings and developing confidence. Luca experienced what it was like to be wholly accepted for who he was and whoever he wanted to be in those sessions, and that enabled him to learn more about himself and make sense of some difficult experiences.

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