Ben was an 8 year old boy referred to Play & Creative Arts Therapy by his teacher to help with managing his angry outbursts in class.

Ben was separated from his mother early in his life, and was raised by his Dad. Ben struggled with forming positive relationships as he worried that the people he got close to may reject and abandon him. Ben’s emotional difficulties were impacting on his learning and social development. He was disengaged and withdrawn in class and was struggling to form positive friendships with others.

Ben had 18 sessions of Play & Creative Arts Therapy. Therapy gave Ben the opportunity to use his imagination as he developed a positive and trusting relationship with his Therapist. Having that one-to-one time at school helped him to feel special and allowed him to build up his resilience in a safe space.

As the sessions developed, Ben was able to open up and explore his difficult early experiences. He was particularly drawn to the sand tray and would use toys to symbolise his inner fears. His play became much more organised towards the end of his sessions and he was able to talk openly about his thoughts and feelings.

Ben is now managing well both at school and at home. He has been able to form new friendships and express his emotions in a more positive way.

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“Ben can remain focused independently for longer periods of time and is more willing to give ideas in class.” – Teacher