As part of our #TrustInPlay campaign, we ran a sweepstake competition for Professional Practitioners, across Facebook & Twitter to win a place on the popular Parent Child Attachment Play training at Clear Sky. Child-led therapeutic play skills are at the very core of all Clear Sky’s training and professional services so in order to enter, we thought it would be fun to ask our lovely followers to tell us why they think play is important. We had so many wonderful comments about the benefits of play, we decided to share an edited summary of our favourites.

Here are 12 of the many benefits of play…

“It has helped me awaken and keep alive my inner child. This to me is priceless and beneficial to my wellbeing. I listen to my son playing and have watched his play develop over the 4 years of his life so far, it truly is a window into his world and inner workings.”

“Play is essential to life. It’s crucial to learning and is a way of expressing ourselves when words aren’t there. Of course this goes for children, but the adults I know that still play, have a spark in their eyes!”

“Play is essential for healthy growing up. It enables children to learn about the world, roles, relationships, possible outcomes of behaviour and how everything works. It helps them deal with any emotions and issues they might have. It boosts creativity and gives children (and adults who share play with them) pleasure and fun.”

“It’s important not to forget to play. Being playful at 80 is just as important as being playful at 8.”

“Play is one of the principal ways in which children develop understanding of the world around them, explore conflict and rehearse emotional and social skills. Play as adults is just as important, releasing the feel good hormones we all need to live a wonderful life!”

“Play is absolutely essential to a child’s emotional and physical development, it’s how they make sense of the world and those around them.”

“Play provides an opportunity for us to try things out in a safe way and learn through trial and error.”

“Play is important for everyone’s social, emotional and behavioural development and for developing the bond between parents and their children, which in turn is essential for raising healthy, happy, well-adjusted individuals.”

“Without play children cannot learn effectively. Play is the vital key to successful education. Play and creativity are a way for us to express ourselves when we don’t have the words to say what we feel.”

“The beauty of play is that it is valuable for its own sake. It doesn’t need an outcome or a reason. It benefits children in every way, emotionally, socially, behaviourally. It builds neurons and attachments and…we ignore its value at our peril.”

“Play helps us see the world through the child’s eyes.”

“Play takes us back to who we are, our true home, and allows us just to be. In this special place we can allow ourselves to grow, to heal and to see the wonders in the world.”

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition & remember to always Trust In Play!

Are You Ready To Play?!

Having talked about the many benefits, do you now feel ready to play?

Every Year, the Clear Sky team have a great time taking part in Playful May – a month of play!

The idea is to engage in playful activities during the month and encourage others to do the same, a chance to reignite the spark of your inner child!

Why not join us for #PlayfulMay this year? Use the hashtag and post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with your playful pics! Why not try the tag challenge – tag 3 friends in your playful picture and they have 3 days to pass the play on by doing the same.  We’d love you to join the fun!

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