We are delighted to announce that our Emotionally Healthy Schools membership body opens on 30th January!


This is the second arm of our membership body ‘The Institute for Play and Attachment’ which opened to practitioners in September 2019, providing online learning, resources and support to our global network of members (and which will also be re-opening it’s doors to new members from Monday 27th January!)


Our schools membership offers a framework of support for the whole school community, enabling teachers to support the children in their care within an emotionally healthy setting. Schools will receive a suite of online resources and assessment tools, CPD learning modules for the whole staff team, assembly presentations and much more. We have hugely subsidised the price of membership for schools to only £495 for 12 months to enable as many schools as possible to access this fantastic offer.




The third arm of our membership body will launch after Easter with a focus on provision of tools, games and support for parents! Watch this space for more information!